CANVAS Artistic Lounge will be implementing specific art classes that align with The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8 in The Arts.

Teachers can book our studio for an excursion and have their class experience our art studio and learn great art lessons that incorporate the Elements of Art & The Principles of Design.  Lessons are taught by Instructor: Karen Colangelo

Please visit our studio to see our great workshops and classes for grades 1 to 8.

CANVAS Artistic Lounge can be an important resource for a school’s arts program. They can provide models of how the arts relate to life beyond school. These models include the partner- ships of school boards and individual schools with arts agencies and institutions, social services, community organizations, corporations, and local businesses. Such modelling and mentoring can enrich not only the educational experience of students but also the life of the community.

Schools and school boards can play a role by coordinating efforts with community partners. They can involve community artists and volunteers in supporting arts instruction and in promoting a focus on the arts inside and outside the school.   Schools should ensure that partnership initiatives are carried out within the context of strong educational objectives. It is important that schools plan the ways in which visits from artists and other members of the arts community can help students to achieve particular arts learning expectations. It is also important to decide what are the best ways of integrating artists’ visits into the sequence of lessons within the unit(s) of instruction. Community partners can be included in arts events held in the school, and can help facilitate educational visits.  School boards can collaborate with leaders of existing community-based arts programs for youth, including programs offered in public libraries and community centres.

In choosing a community partners such as CANVAS Artistic Lounge, schools should build on existing links with their local communities and create new partnerships in conjunction with ministry and school board policies. These links are especially beneficial when they have direct connections to the curriculum. Teachers may find opportunities for their students to participate in community arts projects or events. At the elementary level, participation in inclusive art exhibitions, art programs, concerts, and performances is encouraged. Teachers may have their students participate in festivals that focus on the curriculum, support the units or sequence of instruction, have clear criteria, are designed for educational purposes, and provide descriptive feedback. Teachers may provide ongoing exhibitions and performance opportunities within classrooms, schools, school districts, colleges, universities, and other community venues.


We are a nut free facility



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“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child” – Pablo Picasso

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